Do you have ADHD at the time of your birth?

ADHD from birthYes, there are possibilities that a child can be born with ADHD. However, it is commonly noticed in children after entering school. This condition exists in infants during birth and even before birth. The most common reason to this is the problems in pregnancy. The women facing issues during their labor has can be increased chance of giving birth to an infant with ADHD. The problems such as children with low weight during birth, premature delivery, and child born with difficult pregnancies will have a higher risk of ADHD.

Also, the study has been shown that women subjected to some chemicals such as lead, pesticides or PCBs can also have a high risk of giving birth to a child with ADHD. And also the women abused drugs such as alcohols and smoking habit will also have the increased risk.

It is seen that babies born with this disorder show some regular symptoms such as continuous crying, breastfeeding problems during the early stage and sleeping troubles. All these symptoms may be transient or persistent. Also, it is seen that not every baby born with ADHD will show this symptom. However, if the parent notices any such symptoms exhibit in their infant’s behavior consults the doctor.

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