Difference between personal time and study time

personal and study time differenceThe straight answer for what is the effective way to study is reading textbooks. We all have done that, do that and keep on doing it. Ask school kids they will say that there is anything in the world boring than reading a book about how to draw a circle or how to create databases. Of course, it would not let your child read more. There are many other resources or other things to read out in order to become well-witted students.

For instance, if you are google about the famous person or famous writer, you will result with Obama or Sydney Sheldon respectively. By checking out information on Sheldon, you will be presented with his biography or her famous books, and her speeches. You will also be directed to other writers of same journals or any movies associated with the film through links. From there you may even able to look into actors of that movie. By doing so, you will get wide knowledge.

Not to overload your head with loads of text from your textbook. Don’t rush while reading anything, maintain your style of pace to learn things. If anything seems like unknown to you, look for it until you understand the crux concept. Not necessary to schedule all your time for studying.

Have a break between your study hours. Go for a coffee or listening music will help your mind get relaxed. Don’t burden your brain with break free reading habits.

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