Adderall Reviews

I have battled with ADHD disorder and tried a lot of medications since my childhood but there is no effective result. When I was 22 year old, experienced extreme mood swings, agitation, hostile and aggression then my doctor decided to prescribe Adderall medication for me to treat ADHD. Let me tell you one thing, Adderall has really saved my life.

-McDougall T

During my teens years, I lost focus on my studies with constant distracting thoughts which turned out to be major problem at times of exams. When consulted with doctor, he suggested to try low doses of Adderall for a week. I got my thought sunder control and then I started taking Adderall treatment. With help of Adderall, I got into one of reputed colleges

-Christo Williams

After my second son was born, my sleep cycles drastically changed. I fell asleep on daytime more than usual which made it hard for me to concentrate on my children. Then, I was prescribed Adderall 10mg for excessive sleepiness and was directed to take every morning. Within a week I saw improvement and was more awake to take care, my children. After that dosage was increased to 20mg which diagnosed me within few weeks. Thanks to Adderall.

-Maria Stephen

My daughter has been suffering from ADHD from the childhood. A few months back her pediatrics recommended Adderall. Before this drug, she used to not get along with the other students as her activity was different from others. But now, her abnormal behaviors have been changing slowing to become normal. I am very happy that now she is getting along with other school kids.

-Misha Patrick.

I tried various medications to treat ADHD, but no medicines where successful. Then only I came to know about Adderall. After taking this medication I feel normal and relaxed and I am able to focus on my work.


For ADHD I was confused in the beginning to use which medication. Then one of my friends suggested me to take Adderall. It had stopped my impulsive behavior and provided me with a sedative state. I started to become normal from the hyperactive state. I would recommend for the people who suffer from ADHD to take Adderall.

-Thomas cook

Adderall pills definitely made amazing changes to my life. As I was bullied at my schools due to my abnormal behavior….it was a nightmare those days. But then when my doctor increased the dose of Adderall and suggest me to follow certain Breathing and exercise to keep my brain fresh. The pills work good and I have got to improve my public behavior well… that is the only reason I am writing this online.

– Charlie Jesion